Bible History Class: Fridays in June

One of the amazing facts about the Bible is that though it was written by a wide diversity of authors, over a lengthy period of time, from many different locations, and under a wide variety of conditions, the Bible is uniquely one book, with a historical sequence and an overall theme and message.


George Samara will lead a series of four classes that will examine several aspects of this recorded history and offer fascinating facts about the Bible.  Questions to be considered will include: Is the Bible recorded history?  What is the timeline of the Bible?   What was the presence of dinosaurs in the Bible and what is our responsibility to the environment? 


The course will meet on Fridays through the month of June (June 7, 14, 21, 28) at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.  The text and the primary reference for the class will be the Holy Bible, and you will need to bring it to each class. RSVP by submitting the form below by June 5.


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