The Inter-Faith Chapel is a unique place of ministry. 

As an ecumenical Protestant congregation with affiliates from more than 30 denominations, we gather to worship, work and witness to the love of Christ to our neighbors inside and outside of the gates. Together we are called to be God’s light in our community and to assure that this Chapel continues as the place of prayer for all people. The Inter-Faith Chapel, Inc. formed as a congregation 50 years ago.

The Chapel has also taken the lead in providing staff and space to spearhead interfaith cooperation within the Leisure World community.  We plan and co-sponsor interfaith services including the community Thanksgiving worship, Yom Ha’Shoa Remembrance, Martin Luther King Day observance and other times when all of God’s people need to gather for prayer, remembrance and celebration.  We open our doors to the Jewish residents for their monthly Shabbat and holy day observances. Also, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church used our building until they built their own church.   

Through the various ministries, we offer members the opportunity to be engaged in an active life in order to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.  Since many members of the Chapel are intellectually curious and open to new ideas, we provide educational programs to help broaden the understanding of our individual faith and the faith of others.  Our many courses and lectures challenge us to see the world in new ways.

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Worship is an important part of Chapel life.  The Chapel staff develops meaningful liturgies, rituals and special worship services that address issues in aging.  We provide worship with Holy Communion each month to local nursing homes, adult day care, assisted living and continuing care facilities. Our congregation has a dynamic music program which includes a Chancel Choir, Women’s Chorus, Men's Chorus, Generational Joy Dancers, and Hand Bell Choirs as well as a Concert Series for the community.  Through the outreach and mission programs, we serve our immediate membership, the Leisure World community as a whole, the metropolitan area, and people all across the country and world.  Through all these opportunities to serve the world around us, our members demonstrate they are aging with purpose as  older adults on a mission sent forth to be a blessing.